ƹ϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives’ team of marketing professionals provide cooperatives with a variety of services that help them better engage with their members and their communities, and also help end-of-line members save money on their monthly bills.

OEC’s marketing team supports co-ops with an extensive selection of rebate programs to help co-op members consume less energy, provides financial support to worthwhile local charitable causes, and educates rural ƹ϶Ƶans on energy issues at the Farm Science Review in London, ƹ϶Ƶ, every September. Marketing staff also help cooperatives facilitate annual member satisfaction surveys, which consistently show ƹ϶Ƶ's electric co-ops exceeding their industry peers.

Additionally, OEC's cooperative development department coordinates employee development programs like Cooperative Leadership Edge, a comprehensive certificate program for current managers who are seeking to refresh and develop the skills needed to effectively lead people at all levels of an organization. Finally, OEC is proud to offer offer several scholarship opportunities for college students whose families are served by ƹ϶Ƶ's electric cooperatives or are interested in pursuing a career in the rural electric industry. Click here to view the 2021 scholarship recipients.