After their establishment, ƹ϶Ƶ’s co-ops soon realized the value of pooling their resources to provide services across the state. As a result, ƹ϶Ƶ Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc. — the statewide trade association for the state’s co-ops — was formed in 1941.

The statewide safety and loss control (SLC) program helps member co-ops help each other during widespread outages, and also coordinates aid to co-ops in other parts of the country. SLC also promotes safety through education and certification programs for cooperative staff.

A broad array of marketing and communications services is also provided to member cooperatives, including support for public relations and community outreach efforts, ƹ϶Ƶ Cooperative Living magazine, energy efficiency rebate programs and community sponsorship programs.

ճgovernment affairs team serves as the voice for ƹ϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives members in the government halls of Columbus and Washington, D.C.

ܰeducation and youth programs help member cooperatives connect with the next generation of co-op members, and keep employees and trustees up-to-date on best practices in the industry.

The statewide services of ƹ϶Ƶ’s Electric Cooperatives help co-ops continue to provide excellent, best-in-the-industry service to their members.